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Camp Staff And More

Facts on Owasippe Camp Staff and upcoming events...PLUS... methods to get more info on staff, offseason camping, and site reservations...PLUS...staff application pages...



CIT (counselor-in-training) Application for those who will be of Star Rank, age 14-16, in the 9th grade, have been summer campers for at least 3 years, and can get their Scoutmaster's approval.   Regular Campstaff must be age 16 by the opening day of camp...NO EXCEPTIONS!   Staff application forms can be received by calling the Chicago Area Council camping center at 312-421-8800 x227. 
Camps to be staffed will be Blackhawk, Wolverine, Reneker plus Manistee Quest and Outposts.    Applications will be entertained regardless of Council affiliation.

And So...Now You Want A Staff Application?
OK, there are two staff application pages you can open by clicking onto the two lines below and then printing them.   Completed applications should be mailed to Chicago Area Council's Camping Department, 1218 W Adams, Chicago IL 60607.   If a CIT and you are able to, you may email these pages to Mary Beth Niziol at

click here to download file

click here to download file


BSA Eagle Scout Award




It's always a proud moment when we can proclaim the awarding of Scouting's highest award, the rank of Eagle Scout, to one of our "Owasippe Family". Some young men who have been on the Owasippe staff have recently achieved this honor and we would like to congratulate and recognize...


*** Joshua Armstrong

*** Kevin Barry

*** Kyle Bergan

*** Michael Brus
*** Chase Budziak

*** Graham Carlson

*** Christopher Drazba
*** Matt Dorich

*** Jonathan Feder

*** Matthew Gesell

*** Christopher Grimes

*** Ryan M Gust

*** Eric Hassler

*** Paul J. Janus

*** Edward Jordan

*** Matt Kavanaugh

*** Philip Kaufman

*** Adam Keene

*** Adam Kinslow

*** Brian Kita 

*** Jason R. Kulak

*** Matthew Kwain

*** Timothi L'Heureux

*** Edward Landmichl

*** Paul Lehde 

*** Roy Leinweber

*** Michael LeVan

*** Shawn Linse

*** Blaise Lukasiewicz

*** Frank Martin

*** Joseph Nowinski

*** Victor Ortiz

*** Thomas Phillips

*** Robert Radtke Jr 

*** Peter Riordan
*** Kyle Schneider

*** Kevin Shotas

*** James "Jay" Sullivan

*** Garrett Thrasher

*** Garrett Tussey

*** Jeff Volin

*** Brian Weems

*** Kurt Wolff-Klammer

*** Scott Wolff-Klammer

*** Christopher Zelis

If your path crosses with these gentlemen, please give them your heartfelt congratulations.

PLEASE NOTE...The Owasippe Staff Association is  sponsoring a special letter of commendation and certificate of achievement for any Scout making it to Eagle who has served as a CIT or as regular camp staff for a full term at Owasippe. Those units interested in making use of this added recognition may contact the Owasippe Staff Association c/o their president, Ron Derby,

At 86, Lifeguard Sets Milestone

Oldest Lifeguard In World Trained At Owasippe

By Sabrina Henderson
Sentinel and Transcript Newspapers, Sept 26, 2002

Jefferson County YMCA lifeguard Haywood Stewart was shocked to receive recognition by Guinness Records as the oldest lifeguard in the world Sept. 18. He has been a lifeguard since 1938 and is the oldest lifeguard on record at age 86, outdoing the previous record holder by three years.

Nick Clayton, the Jeffco YMCA's aquatic director until May, started corresponding with Guinness Records in Scotland about Stewart's eligibility in April. Clayton had to get copies of Stewart's birth certificate, his driver's license, copies of all his lifeguard certifications and his most recent paystub. In all, Clayton said it took about eight pages of paperwork and 12 to 15 hours of work to nominate Stewart for the record.

The Jeffco YMCA's new aquatic director, Joe Lachermeier, presented Stewart with a cake Sept. 18 with an icing replica of the framed Guinness Record certificate.

"I was in line at King Soopers getting the cake, and the guy asked me if it was a practical joke," Lachermeier said. "He actually still has his lifeguard cert from 1938. He does it all. He teaches [swimming to] newborns, the parents and tots class, all the way up through senior citizens."

Clayton grew up in Chicago. He learned how to swim at Boys Club of America and because his grammar school, Carter elementary, had a swimming pool. He first served as a lifeguard for the Boy Scouts at Owasippe Adventures in Michigan. He then went to Tilden Tech High School in Chicago, where he also served as a lifeguard.

"They had guys on the swim team who could swim circles around me, so I was the lifeguard," Stewart said.

Being near the water was a natural thing for Stewart, leading to a lifetime of lifeguard service and an interest in sailing and building sailboats. He worked as a high school woodshop teacher in Chicago and then for the parks and recreation department before taking up lifeguard service full-time. He moved to Wheat Ridge about 10 years ago with his daughter, Donna Stewart.

"This is fantastic. I am so surprised. I knew he belonged in the book for something, I just didn't know it would be for this," she said.

Clayton said he's only had maybe two to four life-or-death situations during his lifeguard career.

"My theory is, I keep an eye on people. And if they start to look like they're not doing well, I pull them out," he said.

When asked how it feels to be the oldest lifeguard in the world, Stewart hunched over and tried to pretend he's a feeble old man, laughing at himself. But at 86 years old, he's living proof that an active lifestyle, a love for what you do, and a healthy sense of humor can really keep you going.




IF YOU SERVED...on the Owasippe Staff or as a unit leader at Owasippe, you may want to look into joining the Owasippe Staff Association or at least check-out their website for more info (CLICK BELOW)...

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